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Company Establishment

Our Vision is Your Mission

PT PROTEKNIK UTAMA (PTU) was established in 2010 as an Oil & Gas Services company specializing in production optimization and enhancement services. 

Through Its Affiliate and Partners, the Company is also providing our Clients with innovative solutions to increase production, reduce opex, minimize contaminated waste, build a smart system, and provide safety products.

Proteknik Utama


To be a trusted partner for the Indonesia oil & gas industry.


To provide our Clients with innovative solutions to solve operational challenges, and deliver value.

Core Values

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Products and Experts
We Bring

We bring innovative products and experts in the field to solve ongoing production and operational  problems.

Well Productions

  • Well Solutions
  • Well Stimulations
  • Cord Lift

OPEX Reductions

Cost Effective (Helical-shaped Rod-guide) Lift System

Safety Products

Heigh-safety and Safe-access System

Oil Waste Treatment and Industrial Purification

  • Upstream - SOR
  • Downstream - CI, HG, and S Adsorbent

Smart Systems

  • Actionable Analytics Platform

Management Team

Our management team has extensive knowledge, experience, and contacts within the energy sector, both locally and abroad, allowing access to a wide-range of specialist equipment, products, services, and support, managed by highly qualified national personnel. (click on the photo to see their CV)

Proteknik Utama
Baskara Sukarya
President Commissioner
Proteknik Utama
Salis Aprilian
Managing Director
Proteknik Utama
Paul Harlock
General Manager
Proteknik Utama
Atria Soedibyo
Business Manager
Proteknik Utama
Emmy Zola
Office Manager

Global Partners

PT PROTEKNIK UTAMA is the sole agent and distributor for the Indonesia O&G market of the following companies :

Local Partners

PT PROTEKNIK UTAMA establishes partnership with local partners to extend its services for the Indonesia O&G market with the following companies to cover:

  • Digital Energy Asia –   
    A precursor work on candidate selection process, and supporting PERTAMINA company-wide on realizing Integrated Optimization Decision Support Center (IODSC) goal with solid data management professionals.
  • Triton Kencana Tirta –   
    A Produced-water Treatment market with solid experience, facility, team of field professionals.
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